Kaavish Delays Again, Till 15th Jan ’10

January 8, 2010

The much awaited album of Kaavish, Gunkali has been delayed once again for another week. The new tentative date has been set as 15th of January ’10. The albums scheduled after Gunkali were subject to delay based on the country’s situation and response on the albums but Devika (2nd Jan) and Kaavish (8th Jan) were […]

Fire Releases List of Albums to Come out in Early 2010

December 22, 2009

As we reported earlier, Fire has some massive plans for 2010 which include a total of 60 releases, 19 of which are to come out in first four months. Fire has finally released the list of those 19 artists who are already in the release process. The videos have been shot already and will be […]