Lyrics of Coke Studio Season 5 Episode 2

May 27, 2012

Title: Larho Mujhey – لَڑو مُجھے – Fight me Language: Urdu [ Watch & Download ] مُسکُراتا رِہتا ہوں، دُنیا سے کہتا ہُوں Muskurata Rehta Hoon, Duniya Se Ye Kehta Hoon I keep smiling and I say to the world

Get Ready to Experience the journey of musical discoveries with a brand new season of Coke Studio!

[Karachi, 04 May 2012] Pakistan’s music platform Coke Studio returns this year with a new season starting 13 May 2012, bringing back a musical fusion of exciting elements and diverse influences, ranging from traditional Eastern, modern Western and regionally inspired music. Coke Studio Season 5 aims to introduce new genres and fusion where featured artists […]