Is Fire Records the Rights Owner of Coke Studio?

September 14, 2009

On 9th of September, Mr. Fahd Khan, Associate Manager, Geo TV on a telephonic conversation claimed rights on some of the content that is being distributed freely on this site. Complying with them, I asked them to e-mail me the details along with the link, so, I may review and take actions. The email consisted […]

Mauj, Another Victim of Record Labels of Pakistan

September 6, 2009

Almost about 4 months ago, Mauj released it’s debut album, “Now in Technicolor” on Amazon and Itunes, and Facebook messaged the fans that “Pakistan will have to wait unfortunately until Fire Records decides to release it” We thought that the delay might mean that album will release in a month or so, which would involve […]

Album Piracy, What Should Have Been Done!

August 6, 2009

I read a great post by which covered the steps about how the piracy issue should have been dealt yesterday when owner of Mag4you was arrested and how it was dealt. He said By writing this i am not sympathizing with Mag4you, neither i take any rights off from Fire Records, but i hardly […]

Owner of Mag4you Arrested For Album Piracy

August 6, 2009

So the Fire records is on fire and is tracking down the pirates of Pakistan. Owner of Mag4you has been picked up from his home by the police and other sites are being tracked by Fire Records, while the owner of KoolMuzone is blogging about it. I wasn’t that much of a pirate after all, […]

Mauj – Now In Technicolor (Album) released on Amazon

May 11, 2009

Message on MAUJ’s Facebook page. The album should be up on iTunes and Napster in the next week or so. In the meantime – all our international fans and friends can get it from Amazon right now. Pakistan will have to wait unfortunately until Fire Records decides to release it. Thanks for your patience and […]