Coke Studio – The great gig in the sky III

The first two episodes of Coke Studio celebrated individuality and harmony. This week as the show returns with artists Ali Zafar, Zeb and Haniya with Javed Bashir, Noori, Josh and Atif Aslam, the third episode is called equality. Instep gives you a sneak peak… By Maheen Sabeeh Yaar Dhadee Ali Zafar with Ali Hamza on […]

Bulleh Shah – Aik Alif

July 7, 2009

1. Parh parh ilm te faazil hoya Te kaday apnay aap nu parhya ee na (You read to become all knowledgeable But you never read yourself) You read so many books to know it all, yet fail to ever read your heart at all. Bhaj bhaj warna ay mandir maseeti Te kaday mann apnay wich […]