Biography and review on the band Qayaas

September 11, 2009

Qayaas is a Pakistani band that started when Khurram Waqar (previously in the successful bands, Knumb and Entity Paradigm) heard Umair Jaswal at a studio, shooting a show for ARY Musik that involved promoting upcoming bands in Islamabad. Umair was already in a band called Silversmoke, a band that is popular, with rocking songs such […]

Silversmoke coming soon with 2 more songs

April 6, 2009

The lead guitarist of the band ‘Waqas Naeem’ confirmed that two tracks (one mellow and one heavy) will be released by the end of April. “And hopefully we will be the first one’s to release them on our site…” And Band Line Up is still the same i.e Umair Jaswal (Vocals) Waqas Naeem (Lead Guitars) […]

Story of Qayaas by Khurram Waqar

March 23, 2009

I really wanted to share the story behind Qayaas with all of you on my blog but that is still a few more days away. Since I just can’t wait to get it out of my system, so here it goes …. This all started when OP, a dear friend was shooting a show for […]

Some Random Thoughts on Qayaas by Assam

March 16, 2009

I gotta begin by saying, WHAT A KICK-ASS lineup! So I’ve been listening to the two songs Umeed and Tanha on repeat for the past week and here are some of my thoughts. First of all, I’m already well aware of Fifu, Sarmad, Sherry and Khurram and how they are the best at what they […]