Laal – Fareeda (Official Music Video)

October 11, 2010

When the Taliban attacked the shrines of Rahman Baba, Data Sahib, and Abdullah Ghazi Shah, slaughtering hundreds who had gathered for alms or to pray, Laal felt obligated to not only defend the progressive aspects of sufi thought but to discover them for ourselves. We see sufi’s as the rebels, the revolutionaries of their period.

Latest Interview: Band Laal talk ‘red’ in Hindustaan [The Hindu]

July 28, 2009

“We are internationalists and would like to collaborate with oppressed and working class movements of all countries.” – Taimur Rahman of Laal talks ‘red’ in India Pakistani fusion music band Laal has catapulted to fame with their uplifting music and poetic lyrics. Pheroze L. Vincent interviews Taimur Rahman, the music composer of the band. A […]

Faiz Ahmed Faiz – Aaj Bazar Mein

May 10, 2009

This video was originally posted by Taimur Rahman (Laal) on his Facebook. Faiz Ahmed Faiz is explaining how he wrote his poem ‘Aaj Bazar Mein’ in some gathering after being released from prison. Video features Nayarra Noor singing the poem, with visuals of a public execution in Zia times and Heera Mandi. A must watch […]