Laal – Dehshatgardi Murdabad (Official Music Video)

October 27, 2011

Video Description: Many people consider religious extremism to be, merely, a spontaneous response to drone strikes and NATO occupation of Afghanistan. The reality is very different. In fact, the CIA and the ISI deliberately planted religious extremism to fight communism during the Cold War. The truth is that the CIA and the ISI are responsible […]

Laal Changes the Band’s Name [Comic]

October 9, 2011

Since the lead vocalist of Laal, Shahram Azhar has been away, Taimur Rahman has been the front-man for the band for the past few months which is what moved him to change the name of the band. [Props to Parvez for the concept]

Junoon 20th Anniversary Album Volume 1 Released on iTunes

October 4, 2011

This year’s most anticipated album ‘Junoon-20 (Volume 1)‘ is finally here. The Sufi rock album which consists of 20 tracks, features talented artists like Aag, Alison Sudol, Bilal Khan, Fifi Haroon, Laal, Nusrat Hussain, Outlandish, Peter Gabriel, Rohail Hyatt, Shahjehan of The Kominas, Shubha Mudgal, Usman Riaz and Vital Signs, has now been released on […]

Shoaib Mansoor To Write Lyrics For Junoon 20th Anniversary Album

August 11, 2011

Legendary film-maker and story teller, Shoaib Mansoor who has also been a successful songwriter and music composer will for the first time write lyrics for Junoon. Besides being a mentor to Vital Signs and Junaid Jamshed, Shoaib Mansoor has written, composed and produced most of the Vital Signs’ songs. He wrote and composed many of […]

Laal – Jhoot Ka Uncha Sar (Official Music Video)

July 13, 2011

Jhoot Ka Uncha Sar Daikha Hai by Habib Jalib. Laal has combined the Brechtian idea of defamiliarization with the wonderfully satirical poem by Habib Jalib called “Jhoot Ka Uncha Sar Daikha Hai” to comment on the level of lying, deceit and sheer hypocrisy that passes without notice in our society.