Sketches – Raat (Song / Video Review)

September 26, 2010

By Hani Arif The vast desert, nomads, acquaintances made that never go further because they vanish in the sands, the colorful souls, people whose physical features and inner selves are sculpted with the winds that blow and the air that is breathed by them. This is Sindh. All of the above is showcased in Sketches […]

Sketches – “Dastkari” (KM Album Review)

March 6, 2010

By Hasan Faridi It was the year 2003 when Saif and Naeem decided to step into the world of music to create a band which would touch hearts and rock the nation. The band Sketches was born. Later the band gave birth to their album Dastkari, delivering soft touches of lyrics and meaningful concepts, through […]