Jaloos – A prog rock band from Canada

Jaloos is a band from Canada. Omar (Guitars) and Hamza (Sequencing/Mixing). Our music sounds to be progressive rock with a possession of dark abstracts. The literal meaning of Jaloos is procession. Though, Jaloos can be defined in many different ways. It could mean rallying, assemblage, coming together as a group. So we as a band […]

Sarmad Ghafoor, Aadil Farook, Hasnain Akram, Salman Yasin – Fades Away (Download Audio)

February 20, 2009

Like A Whistle It Fades Away (Download Audio) Artists: Aadil Farook, Hasnain Akram, Salman Yasin, Sarmad Ghafoor Song: Fades Away Download Now! Song Credits: Composition: Aadil & Hasnain Poetry: Aadil Vocals: Salman Yasin Lead Guitars: Sarmad Ghafoor Production, Mixing, Mastering: Sarmad Ghafoor Ideas (Musical & Production): Aadil Lyrics: seen a warrior’s burst of rage seen […]

Gunaah – Axaab

February 17, 2009

About Gunaah The Devils! The Rebels! The Freedom Fighters! The Gunehgaars! minds that wants to scream the truth! Lords who wants to kick the dirty symbols from thier country! Who wants to yell out loud. The loud that one can not bear. bodies that are not afraid of their nations’ government – who are ready […]