Aliya Chinoy – Goodbye

Aliya Chinoy - Goodbye

Artist: Aliya Chinoy Song: Goodbye From the album, ‘Almost Dawn’. “Here it is folks! The perfect time to share my song ‘Goodbye’… almost on the eve of 2014… so here’s saying ‘Goodbye’ to 2013 and looking ahead to the coming year… ‘Almost Dawn’! Wishing everyone a fabulous New Year!”

Ishq Kinara – Zoe Viccaji and Sumru Ağıryürüyen, Coke Studio Season 6 Episode 4

Ishq Kinara - Zoe Viccaji

Zoe Viccaji and Sumru Ağıryürüyen – Ishq Kinara – Üsküdar’a Gider Iken [ Download Audio ] Artist: Zoe Viccaji Featuring: Sumru Ağıryürüyen Song: Ishq Kanaara – Love’s haven — عشق کنارہ Download Now! Song Info In connecting musical roots, Zoe Viccaji brings her version of a melody that has traveled across the globe in many […]

Aamay Bhashaili Rey – Alamgir and Fariha Pervez, Coke Studio Season 6 Episode 4

December 22, 2013
Aamay Bhashaili Rey - Alamgir

Alamgir and Fariha Pervez – Aamay Bhashaili Rey [ Download Audio ] Artists: Alamgir and Fariha Pervez Song: Aamay Bhashaili Rey – You have set me adrift – আমায় ভাসাইলি রে Download Now! Song Info Turning over the pages of a story that has come to pass in our history is Alamgir’s contribution to this […]