[Spot Light: Omar Bilal Akhtar]

By Sadaf Fayyaz Complexes: My friends think I’m always getting myself into self righteous arguments and making speeches. What turns me on: A great sense of humor, and great taste in music without being pretentious What turns me off: Someone who says ‘like‘ too much Philosophy of life: Nothing in life worth having ever comes […]

A 10-Minute Session with Bilal Khan

By Sadaf Fayyaz My Complexes: Illiterate in musical notations What turns me on: First sight of the finish line What turns me off: Dogmatic behavior My philosophy of life: Be desire less My Secret Ambitions: To keep it a secret Favorite Cologne: Issey Miyake My music genre: Blues and Jazz My favorite musicians: The modest […]

Radiance All Over With Coke Studio 3

June 11, 2010

by Sadaf Fayyaz The coke studio season 3 is all in the air and a hot topic these days. The exciting season marks with Noori, Meesha Shafi, Karavan, Arif Lohar, Arieb Azhar, Abida Parveen, Zeb & Haniya, Saba Shabbir, Zoe Viccaji, and Sanam Saeed. Sanam and Zoe could be seen as the backing vocalists this […]

Old Wine in New Bottle: “Go Saabjee Go”

May 12, 2010

by Sadaf Fayyaz He knows what to make music about. We see something rocking this time by this startling guy. All we are talking about is the brand new video “Go Saabjee Go”, from his album “Haroon ka Safar”. Whether it is a patriotic song like “Dil Se Maine Dekha Pakistan”, or romantic song like […]