Swaras feat. Abbas Premjee – Thora Thora

October 2, 2013

Folks, after a long hiatus Swaras is back with a new music video of ‘Thora Thora’ featuring Abbas Premjee. It is a beautiful ghazal by Shamil Shams student of the legendary poet Jaun Elia. Introducing Raheel Khan and Shobna Sharma in lead roles, so without further adieu may I present you with ‘Thora Thora’.

Thora Thora Credits:

Abbas Premjee on Mohan Veena

Rauf Sheikh on Tabla

Salman Hussain on bass

Hassan Raza Bokhari on rhythm guitars

All the music is composed and arranged by Hassan.

Recorded/mixed at Epik Productions Toronto.

Mastered by Sarmad Ghafoor.

Directed by Jawad Mir from Sky Blue Productions who also directed the video for Khayal.

Swaras feat. Abbas Premjee - Thora Thora

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