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Umair Jaswal


Khayaal – Thought – خیال

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Song Info

‘Khayaal’ is a song that was written 8 years ago by Umair Jaswal early in his career. Deeply personal, the piece has never been performed till now on Coke Studio. The song itself is the angst of the loner; it expresses the disconnection that many feel with the world at large, facing one’s demons and ultimately finding one’s Self. While the sound presents a grunge feel, the structure flows into what appears to be a free-fall within stringed with a deep sense of melancholy performed by the Orchestra in Serbia. The song represents the relationship between action and inaction, the aggressive and passive wherein opposing energies set into motion Creation. As we move into the world and deal with the struggle accompanied in the pursuit, within resides a Spectator that exists in the dream like state of Thought. ‘Khayaal’ chronicles this constant state of transition and brings forth the deeper meaning of Rock set within an Eastern cyclic template.

Lyrics of Khayaal



چپ چاپ سن رہا
chupchaap sun raha
Silently I listen

خاموشی سے تنہائی کی داستان
khaamoshi se tanhaaikidaastaan
Wordlessly to the tale of solitude

برسوں سے چپ یہ خاموشیاں
barson se chupyihkhaamoshiyaan
These silences which have said nothing for years

کس قدر ادھوری
Are so unfulfilled

نہ پاس نہ دور کوئی
nahpaas nah door koi
No one near or far

یہ تنہائی کس قدر تنہا
Yih tanhaai kisqadr tanha
How solitary is this solitude

شام کے رنگ ڈھلتے ہیں
shaamke rang ḍhaltehain
The hues of evening fade from the sky

سوچ میں دن ڈھلتے ہیں
soch men din ḍhaltehain
Days fade away in contemplation

دور اکیلا بیٹھا میں
doorakelabaiṭha main
Sitting alone, far away, I…

گنتا ہوں فاصلے
Count the distance

کہاں تم کہاں میں
kahaan tum kahaan main
Between you and me

بادلوں میں بنتے سلسلے
baadalon men bantesilsile
Patterns formed by clouds

ریت پہ لکھے الفاظ
Words etched in the sand

شاید کچھ ایسے ہی
shaayadkuchhaise hi
Perhaps just as…

تیرے میرے خیال
tere mere khayaal
Your thoughts and mine

تیرے میرے خیال
tere mere khayaal
Your thoughts and mine


Performance Credits

Electric Guitar

Asad Ahmed | Pakistan Houseband

Brass Section

Milos Nikolic – Trumpet
Aleksandar Petkovic – Alto Sax
Nikola Demonja – Tenor Sax
Mladen Lukic – Trombone
Bojan Vukelic – Baritone Sax

String Orchestra

I Violins
Tijana Milosevic
Mirjana Neskovic
Ksenija Milosevic
Jelena Dimitrijevic
II Violins
Selena Jakovljevic
Jelena Dragnic
Tamara Zivkovic
Ivana Uzelac
Aleksandra Damjanovic
Julijana Markovic
Uros Zikic
Acoustic Upright
Srdjan Djordjevic

Serbia House Band

Goran Antovic | Piano, Keyboards
Branko Trijic | Guitar
Dejan Antovic | Bass, Electric Upright
Jovan Satric | Drums

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Khayaal - Umair Jaswal