Laal – Gham Na Kar (Faiz) [Audio / Video]

August 20, 2013

Laal – Gham Na Kar (Faiz) [Download Audio]

Artist: Laal

Song: Gham Na Kar (Faiz)

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Laal’s new video from its tour of Kabul 2013. Laal dedicates this song to our Afghan brothers and sisters, in the spirit of solidarity on their Independence day 2013. We salute their bravery and fortitude as a nation against the gravest and most unyielding of odds. Let us re build the broken bridges and heal old wounds for we are bound together by the memory of countless centuries. Let us strive forward together, for ours is the same struggle, the same fight. Against all those who seek to oppress and enslave us. And against tyranny everywhere.

Afghanistan-Pakistan Friendship Zindabad!

Laal - Gham Na Kar (Faiz Ahmed Faiz)

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