Yasir Jaswal Joins Call The Band

June 29, 2013

Yasir Jaswal

Yasir Jaswal, the former lead vocalist of an Islamabad based ‘Irtaash‘ has now joined Call The Band. Mr Jaswal’s inclusion in the band means that Call has now got a new vocalist after they announced the exit of earlier lead vocalist Junaid Khan almost a year back.

Since then Call have been performing live with Mustafa Zahid (Roxen) as their lead vocalist on interim basis. Yesterday the official fan page of Call released a photo of Yasir Jaswal, welcoming him to the band and promising a lot more music from their side. Also attached was a message from the founder of the band, Xulfi, He stated:

“Just performed at Pakistan Sports Festival in Islamabad at Jinnah Stadium. Huge crowd, Great fun! Yasir Jaswal you rocked man. This was the first of many future Call shows with new lineup. Call is back guys, heavier than ever.”

Yasir Jaswal (2)On the whole, people are really praising this new entry to the band and decision made by Xulfi to introduce a new voice in the band. Yasir Jaswal is a known musician from Islamabad who started his career almost 10 years back. He is also into film making and has direct couple of good videos. Also interestingly he is the brother of Umair Jaswal (Qayaas) and Uzair Jaswal, both of them already in the music industry and performed at the last season of Coke Studio.

But the good thing is that with the inclusion of Yasir Jaswal as the lead vocalist, it is most expected that Call will go back and once again discover its roots. And this will surely be good news for the true and hardcore Call fans as we hope to listen a lot more ‘Shayads’ and ‘Pukaars’.

Now this remains to be seen that how soon Call comes up with a new video or single to formally introduce the new vocalist to their fans.

We wish the new line up of Call the very best of luck for their future projects and we hope that they can once again provide us with some amazing tunes. Cheers!

Photo courtesy: Sher Ali