THE SKETCHES disbanded: Another band bites the dust

June 22, 2013

The Sketches Disbanded

The Sketches disbanded: Naeem Shah, the band’s lead guitarist, has finally called it a day with The Sketches as he officially announced on his facebook profile that he is no longer a part of the band. “I Quit THE SKETCHES,” he said.

This came as a surprise to many of the fans who have supported the band since its inception.

Here’s what Saif Samejo, the band’s founder and lead vocalist, said just after the band’s split with Naeem,

“Dear Friend – I can only say, ‘May you live a long life with all that you think never ends.'”

He further added,

“Every journey ends and someone else replaces – It can be me, he and anyone else as nothing is permanent… Every individual got rights to start their own individual choices, if anyone wish to start another new journey with new career – as a well wisher from heart we all should wish for him not rather question him to discourage his life’s decision.”

So  eventually another band bites the dust. This has somehow become a routine with almost all of the bands, making it difficult for them to work in one unit. No matter whether it is a 7 member band or a small one like The Sketches that consisted of only 2 friends.

Now it will be interesting to see that how does the band cope up with this dis-integration. Although its just a single member quitting the band but actually it is one half of the band in this case. Being a musician and a guitarist, Mr. Shah must had lot of say and part in the running of The Sketches and how its final product sounded.

Their first break came in the form of Coke Studio where they had the opportunity to enhance their audience. Recently they released that breathtaking video of ‘Main Sufi Hoon‘ which made it evident that finally The Sketches are going mainstream with some amazing tunes in the future but with this recent break-up, their future seems shaky.

Lets see how things unfold from here on and how the band members handle this sudden breakup.