Strings New Album Is In The Works!

June 21, 2013

Strings New Album Is In The Works!Strings are once again back and grooving in the studios. The exciting news for the band’s fans is that Strings new album is in the works right now and it will be released soon.

Strings are regarded as one of the pioneers of pop industry of Pakistan. They have come a long way through after their debut in early 90’s. Their last album was released in 2008 titled as ‘Koi Aanay Wala Hai’ with the title track of the same name featuring John Abraham in the video. After that they have been busy doing a lot of individual projects and releasing singles every now and then. Recently they also appeared on Pepsi Smash and sang 2 songs for the show. But Since 2008 they have been shy of releasing any sort of full length album as is the case with most of the musicians back home due to the prevailing circumstances.

But now they are once again into the studios and gearing up for some new stuff for their fans in the form of an album that is surely going to create some buzz.

Strings recently released a picture on their official Facebook page showing the band members back in the studio. One of their fellow musician is also seen with them in the picture. Faizi has worked with strings on their earlier albums, Duur and Dhaani, and he mainly managed the drums, keyboards and their synthesizing. Strings are now seen welcoming him back into the hut with a picture that read as,

“We worked together in #DUUR and #DHAANI. It’s time to work again for the new album!! Welcome back Faizi!”

I have always regarded Strings as one of the finest acts of our country. They have represented our country all over the world and it’s their decency as a band and thought provoking music that makes them stand out from rest of the lot even in so many years. They have always maintained their standard and this would be really interesting to see what they have to offer in their upcoming album. Surely the expectations from them would be sky high but seeing their track record they are certainly going to come up with some amazing stuff. Good Luck to you Boys!