Farhan Saeed’s Debut Solo Album Is Ready

June 21, 2013

Farhan Saeed - Debut Solo Album Is Ready

Farhan Saeed, the ex-lead vocalist of the famous band Jal, is in Lahore these days after returning from India where he is said to have completed some big projects. Due to the large number of assignments from across the border, Farhan Saeed is seen spending most of his time in India but he is back home for a video shoot that will soon hit the airwaves locally and internationally.

He has recently released his Punjabi single ‘Tu Thodi Dair’ and before this, his previous single was also a Punjabi number. Unfortunately both of them went unnoticed and didn’t get popular with the audiences. But if Farhan decides to return to Urdu tracks for his upcoming projects then there is a fair chance for him to make it big once again as we have seen in the case of ‘Pee jaun’ which was a huge hit in his solo career after he left Jal.

Recently an interesting photo was also released on his official fan page showing him in shorts and standing in the ‘No Man’s Land’ at Pakistan-India border although it wasn’t mentioned that from which side he was crossing the border.

Also in the pipeline is Farhan Saeed’s debut solo album that is said to be almost ready to hit the markets and can be released any time once the final deals are made.

Now this remains to be seen that what sort of projects Farhan would get from India specially their magnitude and the Bollywood banner under which they will be released.

Earlier ‘Pee Jaun’, the mega hit by Farhan was featured on the Universal Music’s official Youtube page which gave the hint that they might have signed him so now as the releasing time comes closer it seems that Universal Music India would actually be releasing his album internationally which also recently released the album of his former band Jal.

We can only hope and wish him best of luck for his solo flight into Bollywood where there are already some bigwigs present and it would require a lot of effort and hard work from Farhan to create his identity and be successful over there.