Farhad Humayun Produces Pepsi Smash – The Next Big Thing in Music!

Pepsi Smash - Farhad on DrumsAn exciting new music based initiative, Pepsi SMASH, went viral yesterday in Pakistan, and Overload’s very own Farhad Humayun has a big hand to play in the realization of this mega project. Via the platform of his production company Riot Productions, Farhad has acted as the producer & video director for Pepsi SMASH, having overseen various important areas of the project. The music has been produced by Overload’s keyboardist/composer Sheraz Siddiq & Pakistan’s foremost DJ, Faisal Baig.

[ Audio / Video: Pepsi SMASH Session 1 – Jeenay Do by SYMT ]

Farhad’s impressive contribution has been from concept all the way down to implementation. He was in addition, responsible for hiring the video and production crew that he felt was most suited to understanding the concept behind the project. Apart from this, Farhad oversaw music creation, mixing, mastering, video shooting, editing, art direction & played host to all the artists as the entire project was filmed, recorded, mixed and mastered on location at Riot Studios in Lahore.

Pepsi Smash introduces a new genre to Pakistani music. It presents a new sound, new visuals and an assortment of artists who want to constantly think OUT OF THE BOX!

“While every individual in the world is unique and comes from a different background, it is human nature that we all have things to say. The thoughts and messages we want to convey find their way to other people and the world at large through mediums of expression. For some, it may be poetry, for others it could be banking or sport. It is in this spirit that, defying all stereotypes associated with Pakistani culture, design and music, Pepsi Smash celebrates the individuality of contemporary musicians in Pakistan

Technology and skill both play a vital part in music performance. Pepsi Smash showcases some of the country’s best instrumentalists, bands, solo artists and promising talent from rock, pop and electronic music genres, as well as the proficiency and competitiveness of videographers and audio professionals.

Pepsi Smash has engaged the artists by inviting, never before heard, original songs from them. This was welcomed by the artists but also acted as a challenge since it is usually considered easier to redo an old tune belonging to the band itself or to some other performer, in a given amount of time. The audio and video of the performance was recorded at the same time making the show LIVE. Some music was being played by the DJ to give it a contemporary electronic sound while drums, guitars, keyboards and vocals were performed over the backing tracks. This is a technique used by most of the world’s biggest acts to use a minimum number of musicians and to create a punchy sound that the audience can move to.”

Pepsi Smash Season 1

Pepsi SMASH’s pilot project comprises of 6 sessions; each weekly session has 2 songs featuring established and upcoming music bands/artists of Pakistan.

The featured artists are: Symt, Noori, Strings, Siege, Sajid and Zeeshan, Jarar Malik with Ali Asad and Hussain Ali Shah making their debut.

All songs featured in this season have been mixed by Farhad, Sheraz and Faisal. You will also hear them on the drums, keyboards, as DJ and on guitars respectively.