Ali Suhail – Attics (Audio / Video)

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Artist: Ali Suhail

Song: Attics

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This is the first single from Ali Suhail’s solo album ‘Words from Boxes.’


Music Video Directed and Edited by Nadir Shehzad Khan

DOP: Ejaz Bhatti

Lighting: Umer Farooq


We stood atop our hill
Looking down as the valley fills
Never knowing what it was like

Never knew what we had
Making failures out of little plans
Far away from worldly plights

Boy, Do I, Miss that time.

Marking all the streets and trees
Never knowing boundaries…
Yellows in a room full of blue

Never could associate
With their agendas and their hate
One and the same, me and you.

Boy, Do I, Miss that time.

And I, could not believe
That you could see
Everything beyond the eye
Could not believe
No one could be
So simple as you and I
When we were the heroes, like in my mind
When no doubts could survive.
Boy, Do I, miss that time.

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