Qayaas Possibly Collaborating With Bohemia For A Single

April 19, 2013

By Ahmad Uzair

Qayaas-Bohemia-CollaborationPakistani music scene has always been void of the concept of collaborations. But with the recent advent of Coke Studio, musicians as well as the local audiences have been introduced to this new idea of collaborations. We have seen some heavyweights collaborating in recent past and now we are foreseeing another collaboration in the form of Qayaas and Bohemia that is definitely going to be a huge thing.

Qayaas is a critically acclaimed band that has won many accolades from around the world for their energetic performances which they have been doing in the underground circuit but it was only in the last season of coke studio that they got the breakthrough by performing a track with Atif Aslam that gave a huge boost to their fame and reputation.

On the other hand Bohemia, the Pakistani born American rapper, needs no introduction when it comes to desi rap music as he has given out few of the all-time hit tunes. Bohemia, who fondly calls himself as “Raja”, also appeared on the last season of coke studio where he lived up to the expectations of his fans and gave a new dimension to the studio with his spirited performance.

Although both of the acts appeared in the last season of CS, but they didn’t had a chance to perform together. But now there is certainly something cooking up in their quarters. A picture was released which showed Umair Jaswal and Khurram Waqar of Qayaas standing together with Bohemia that indicates that they are doing some track together.

Now this remains to be seen that how soon they come up with the project on which they are working. But one thing is for sure that seeing the diverse nature of the music which both of the acts have been producing in past, this collaboration will surely be something to watch out for in near future and might turn out to be a trendsetter for the industry.

Good luck to both the parties!