Shehzad Roy – Chal Parha (Single Review)

February 8, 2013

Finally it seems that Pakistani musicians our realizing the point that they would have to live out even without the YouTube so we are seeing couple of prominent video releases over the past few weeks and a couple of more to be released in the coming days if the given dates are something to go by.

Any how one of the recent big release is that of Shehzad Roy’s “Chal Parha” which is basically the title song of Roy’s upcoming Tv show with the same name.

Shehzad Roy happens to be one of the most consistent pop icons of Pakistan who continuously evolved with time and has done all sorts of musical forms in his two decade career from love ballads to some serious melodies and lately political and social oriented satirical songs.

Relating the current socio-political scenario of the country, Chal Parha is about the need of social awakening among the masses and how it can prove to be vital for a massive change which we need. The show, whose OST this song is, seems to be a travelogue in which Roy will be traveling from north to the south of Pakistan. Chal Parha also symbolizes the drive for a change and its possibility only if we pursue it on individual basis rather than totally relying on some miracle to happen from outside.

It is interesting to see how Shehzad uses “chal parha” and “chal parra” intermittingly with both the words having their own meanings nevertheless complementing each other. Music composers of the song are Shani and Kami and the lyrics are written by Nadeem Asad, which might not be as catchy as Roy’s previous singles such as “Laga Reh” and “Qismat Apney Haath Mein”, but are pretty decent. Director of the video is Saqib Khan who has managed well to give us the glimpse of the whole show which is going to come. In whole of the video, Roy is shown going around places and mingling with the kids, trying to showcase the brighter side of the picture in darker times with a powerful chorus in the middle.

Also in the video of song there is a unnamed young girl who is seen singing along with Shehzad but one has to say that her voice seems to be a bit immature for the song and doesn’t go with the tempo of the track.

In the recent times Shehzad Roy has been a very vibrant social figure appearing in many talk shows, running a NGO for education betterment and sometime even performing at Dharnas. Sometime back he made a video and a show by the name of “Mein aur Wasu” which mainly focused on the grave situation of Balochistan. Roy has always a knack of coming out with something new and this time its Chal Parha.

And last but not the least, this whole journey will be done by Mr. Roy himself riding a bike which turns out to be a classy Harley Davidson that makes this journey even more interesting to watch.

Couple of days back a promo of the show was also released in which Shehzad Roy asks Iman Ali, one of the leading actresses of Pakistan, a very hilarious question in a pretty serious tone.

The new TV show by the name of “Chal Parha” starts from February 8th, on every Friday & Saturday at 7:30 pm on GEO news.