Qayaas – Cut My Wings & Doobtay (KM Single Reviews)

February 17, 2013

By Hasan Faridi

The name ‘Qayaas’ certainly rings a bell in the Pakistani music scene. Because music-lovers recognise them as being one of Pakistan’s finest rock bands to emerge from the country.

Their main highlights include a well-received debut album “Uss Paar” topped off with various music videos already released. They’ve won multiple awards, featured in Coke Studio, have been included in the Metal Asia Compilation (for being so kick-ass) and have made various radio and TV appearances.

Qayaas consists of Umair Jaswal on vocals, Khurram Waqar on lead guitars, Shahzad Hameed on bass and Kamran Farooque (Koffinfeeder) on the drums.

Together, they work their magic to bring us two new singles.

One of the latest releases named “Cut My Wings”, is an ear-crunching track that will no doubt appeal to all the metal-heads out there.

It begins with a collision of distorted guitars and some quality drumming by the Koffinfeeder just before Umair starts to sing in English like he did in a previous release named “Heal”.

“Cut My Wings” seems to hint at feelings of being tied down, distant and rather helpless. The powerful music however, emits a sense of power and relief. Hence, the song reflects upon the perseverance of pain and sorrow. That’s my perhaps-abnormal take on it but the song is open to your imagination. Let it go wild.

The track slows down during the verses and picks up the pace when the chorus kicks in. Before the track closes, we get the signature screams Umair does so well. He makes it look so easy that some of us may have actually tried doing the same as well. Note: I stopped after a while because I feared destroying my voicebox…

Moving on from Umair’s voice of steel, if you’re looking for a track that makes you wonder up in the stars searching for something special then take a listen to the new mellow track “Doobtay”, which takes you on a sweet melodious journey.

Umair sings his heart out whilst the soothing musical composition blends in electric strums and steady drumbeats. Unlike a lot of heavy numbers by Qayaas, “Doobtay” is an easy listen. So if you want to unwind on a train journey back home then this track is perfect.

Like “Cut My Wings”, “Doobtay” has a guitar solo too but if you’re a Qayaas fan, you’ll notice how the lead has a sound of its own. The screechy sound has become recognisable to the ears.

After these two releases, it’s fair to say Qayaas carry on strong and live up to expectations. Qayaas are crossing boundaries by creating music that can appeal to different people whilst retaining its own musical style that has become recognisable to the masses.

What more can be said? Umair sings in “Doobtay”…

“Doobtay rahen teri yaad mein.” (which roughly translates to: “sinking in the thoughts of you”)

Funny he should sing that. My iPod is thinking of Qayaas all the time.

– Photography by Rehan Akram