Mooroo – Terai Bina (Audio / Video)

February 10, 2013

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Artist: Mooroo

Song: Terai Bina

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Terai Bina is a unique song from an extremely talented artist from Pakistan. It captures a popular emotion with the most interesting mix of instruments – Mooroo’s voice over and above all – and a faint hint of drums and guitar – all of it, him alone. He’s a one-man-band wonder and probably the first Pakistani ever to experiment with acapella with such immense finesse. With this kind of talent, he should perhaps only do music, full time, but Mooroo has other ambitions too. He is a filmmaker and runs a production house by the name of Aflatoon Studios under his alias name Taimoor Salahuddin.

When asked what the video was about, Mooroo said:

“Well…I wanted the video to deal with drug addiction, how it changes your self image and perception, its adverse effects on you and consequently the people around you. I wanted to keep it light so my parents weren’t offended by it, so all narcotic references were made visceral and symbolic. Hope that makes sense. A lot, if not most, of the ideas came from my precious team of collaborators. Assad, Faris and Fazeelat.”


Starring: Fazeelat Aslam, Faris Shafi, Mooroo

Terai Bina Single Art by Amal Peerzada

Assistant Director: Ahsan Ahmad

Director of Photography: Assad Zulfiqar

First Assistant Camera Op: Fatima Shah

Costume: Mehrunissa Khan

Art Direction: Taimoor Salahuddin

Director: Taimoor Salahuddin

Special Thanks to Shehryar and Shehrbano Taseer

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