Atif Aslam Has Half a Dozen Songs Lined Up For Release

November 17, 2012

Atif Aslam is once again into some serious business as there are almost half a dozen songs which are lined up for the release; all of them being sung by the super star himself.

Almost 6 months back we reported about Atif being involved with the music of upcoming Bollywood flick “Race 2” which will be a sequel of its first part. Atif also sang for Race in 2008, and his song ‘Pehli Nazar’ went on to become a chartbuster, breaking all the previous records in terms of its popularity.

But this time around, it is reported that it won’t be just a single song but in fact Atif will be lending his vocals for 3 of the musical tracks of the movie. One is called ‘Thoda thoda be sabar hain’ that is sung by Atif and Shreya Ghoshal. Another one is ‘Sab kuch tere naam’ that is once again sung by Atif and interestingly Sunidhi Chauhan who once declared that Atif doesn’t even know how to sing. The third track which will be having the vocals of Atif is called ‘O jaane jaan’ that seems to be sort of a reprised version of super hit “Pehli nazar mein”.

Also few days back, a song by the name of Aa bhi ja Mere Mehrmaan in the movie Jayanta Bhai Ki Love Story was released that was also sung by Atif and it is reported that he will be singing two more songs for the same movie.

Earlier Tips also released an official trailer of Race 2 where Atif voice can be heard in the middle.

Race 2 stars Saif Ali khan, John Abraham, Anil Kapoor, and Deepika Padukone.

So the Tips-Atif partnership continues for good, belting out extremely popular songs every now and then. And we can expect the very same thing happening this time around too. All the Aadeez out there, keep your fingers crossed for the best to come.