Asfandyar Khan – Elsewhere (Download / Stream Album)

Artist: Asfandyar Khan

Album: Elsewhere

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Genre: Ambient, Instrumental, Minimalist, Lo-Fi, Post-rock

Take a listen to the album stream below, and let us know what you think.

“Therein lies the beauty in ‘Elsewhere’, Khan takes the listener away from the present, not necessarily to the future but somewhere else, somewhere away from their current state of mind, their surroundings, their lives and their frame of mind – and this is refreshing. ‘Elsewhere’ runs the fine line between the synthetic and real in music, honouring the dualism with both electronically produced soundscapes and tracks or passages that contain piano, often with sombre natures that remind us of the suffering in this world.” – Noisetopia

Many thanks to Zoya Rehman, Rahema Zaheer Alam, Mani Kashmiri, Usman Maqsood, Alex Stretton

– Cover art by Natasha Jahangir

– Cover design by Rahema Zaheer Alam

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