Pepsi Ropes in Noori to Sing Their Official Song for 2012 ICC World Twenty20

September 12, 2012

By Ahmad Uzair

Pepsi Pakistan has always been closely associated with both cricket and music of our country, at times uniting both of them together. This time, as we all know the t20 Cricket World Cup is just around the corner so Pepsi have successfully managed to rope in pop music veterans ‘Noori’ to sing their official song for the event.

(Audio: Pepsi & Noori – T20 World Cup Song 2012)

Pepsi’s support to Pakistani music is not new and they have been sponsoring various pop acts in the past too of which Vital Signs are perhaps the most notable who had some long association with the brand. Some time back we have also seen Annie Khalid and Adnan Sami Khan appearing in their advertisements and most recently it was Call the band and Ali Zafar who had sung some really popular jingles for the beverage brand which were quite a hit.

But right now it’s Noori who have grabbed the opportunity to sing for one of the most popular brands around. Noori have been in the business for more than a decade now but past few years have been quite dormant for them as they have not come into mainstream with full energy which was once associated with them. Their last and probably their most notable single of recent times ’Jhoom Lay’ was also for a commercial brand of ice-cream. Since then there wasn’t any major release from their side. However as of now, they have surely hit the right chords at the right moment as cricket is one of the most popular things in our country and any thing associated with it has equal chance of getting popular and hit.

The new advertisements released by Pepsi stars Shahid Afridi, un-arguable the biggest crowd puller, the cricketing world has ever seen, and also the spin magician Saeed Ajmal, seen in separate ads playing Golf and Basket ball respectively. The advertisement campaign also showcases some of the clips of their heroics and ends up with couple of lines from Noori which sings up the words “Khul Kay Do Pal Jee Lo.. Dil Walon, Khailo Tum”.

Hope fully, like the earlier advertisements from Pepsi, we will also be hearing a complete length track from Noori which has been featured in the advertisement.

As one of the most sought after event of cricket nears, there is surely going to be a tough competition among bands and singers too, for coming up with their best tunes to support their national team and Noori have surely marked the beginning of the contest.