Omer Nadeem – Kin Raaston Pe (KM Single Review)

September 2, 2012

By Ahmad Uzair

Just like every field of life, luck and fortune plays an equally important part in music arena too. At times, the music or for that matter the singer too, might not be that talented but it’s just the luck and your fate which takes you to simply another level. It’s sort of a you-miss-I-hit thing. These cases might be little and be called as exceptions but the opposite ones are pretty common.

There are many singers around who had the potential to make it really big but just couldn’t capitalize on it due to one reason or the other. And Omer Nadeem is one of those un-fortunate guys who were unable to make any mark despite having great abilities. He might had some little success in patches but as a whole he remained not so popular among the masses but thing seems to be on a good ride as he is back with a new video “Kin Raaston Pe” which is a beautiful track by him and showcases the softer side of Omer Nadeem.

The video and song in discussion was released a few days back and has got much appreciation from the fans and critics alike. Directed by Yasir Jaswal and lyrics written by Omer himself and Rafuiq Ali Rana, this is a two and a half minute song that despite its short length, keeps you mesmerizing and every time you listen to it, you want more of it. Another notable thing about this song is the inclusion of talented Saad Sultan who has produced and arranged this track. Saad has earlier been doing the same job for QB and lately Farhan Saeed too and has done some marvels for them. And he proves his abilities once again with this outing as a producer.

This video marks as a re-launch pad for Omer himself as his earlier work always featured him with some other artists and at times marred with controversies. With his very first track, he had problems with Roxen over the song rights. Then he was termed to be just another Atif sing-alike and his tunes were called to be Jal inspired. He managed to even make an entry into Bollywood too.

But the criticism on his singing style seemed to be apt because he really used to sound like other guys already in the industry. Till recently, during his live acts, his on-stage moves and even the medleys which he performed always seemed to be imitating some body else that he was closely associated in the past. I don’t know if this is done intentionally or un-consciously.

But Kin Raaston Pe embarks a new musical journey for Omer as this time he has gone full solo and has done wonders with the song sounding much different. He has shown an excellent control over his voice which was previously a bit too shrill. The melody, the lyrics, the music, and above all his vocal tone, all harmonize each other so fantastically that one can’t just stop hearing to this song. The video of the song is simple, elegant and shows Omer recollecting his past and playing soulful piano indoors.

May be another stanza in the song would have done even more wonders for him and one seriously craves that the song should have been a bit longer. It’s the gloomy feel of the song which really makes it spellbinding.

This re-discovery of his own sound has surely paid off, and now Omer should really look forward to keep up the unique work. With this venture he has successfully managed to shrug of lots of images associated with him in past and has proved an identity of his own. Hopefully this is just the beginning of a new journey for him. Omer Nadeem is surely on the right “Raasata”.