Noori – Dilwalon Khelo Tum – Making of the Video (T20 World Cup 2012 Song)

September 15, 2012

On September 12th, the band returned from Colombo, Sri Lanka after completing the video shoot for the song “Dilwalo Khelo Tum” – the official T20 World Cup 2012 song for PEPSI Pakistan. Noori in collaboration with Walter Advertising have co-produced the music for this video.

In the words of the band:

“Corporate Songs give us the opportunity to get out of our shells and collaborate with other creative people. People know that our in-house productions are a very extensive process; a single song takes months to complete. In this case, we have very limited time – a one-time team is formed and we have to deliver in like 10 days! So it’s an intense exercise. But great fun!

We have known Ali Hayat for a long time (he’s the PEPSI man from the advertising world). He has been pushing to get the band on-board for the last 8 years, and finally a deal went through. We guess that made it special in a way… Ali’s a very good writer, and like all of us, he takes his time in coming out with his best!

Lyrics and melodies down, we went into Shuja Haider’s studios to produce this song (drum recording and mastering took place at Gumby’s studio). We have worked with Shuja and Shani (his brother) before on the Cornetto Song and just like before the experience was awesome! This time however the sound was more rock and that made it much more fun for Shuja as well.”

While the song has been released and clips of it have also been used in the last 2 PEPSI commercials, the real excitement will build once the OFFICIAL VIDEO is released.

The release dates is slated around the same time the T20 Cup kicks off!

Meanwhile, check out a BTS from the video shoot in Colombo. Seems like everyone had some great fun.