Lay’s Gives Fans a Chance to Watch the T20 World Cup Live, with Ali Zafar

September 17, 2012

Cricket, the sport of the country – where the national team is highly looked up to, and the national team members are treated as super heroes. Regardless of the ups and downs during World Cup’s, T20’s, test matches and other tournaments, the country has always supported the team and the sport.

Keeping in mind the current situation of the economy, the energy crisis, and other problems for the earning man/woman, all is forgotten, whenever a cricket tournament is about to begin. Where everyone is busy looking for the Pakistani flag amongst all the teams registered. Especially now, with the T20 World Cup right around the corner, everyone is up and busy counting the days, getting ready with their face paint, their jerseys and of course a place to watch the matches together with their friends/family.

Keeping all this in mind, and also the huge success of the Lay’s Flavor Cup, Lay’s Wavy brings to you again, the Facebook campaign everyone’s been waiting for – Lay’s Wavy Flavor Challenge!

This campaign brings to you 3 games; Question of the day – answer the questions displayed to win daily prizes, and a glamorous grand prize. But what do you do once you’re done answering the question? You wait for the winners to be announced of course, and while you wait there are two more games waiting for you. Draw your pack – through which you can design and personalize your own pack of Lay’s Wavy chips. Apart from that, there also an exciting cricket game for you to play! Select your favorite players and make them go against each other through the Lay’s Wavy Cricket Game! You could make Saeed Ajmal, bowl against Shahid Afridi – that would just be intense!

Enjoy the exciting matches of the T20 World Cup 2012 with Lay’s by taking part in Lay’s Wavy Flavor Challenge and it’s 3 separate games. Try your best at the chance to win awesome prizes by answering the ‘Question of the day’.

What prizes are Lay’s giving away? They’re giving away 10 Lay’s T-Shirts (daily). But wait, there’s more! Lay’s is also giving you the chance to win an LCD TV for you to proudly display in your home. And that’s not all! The grand prize that Lay’s is giving is the chance to go to Sri Lanka, and watch the T20 match live, with the one, and only, Ali Zafar!!

All these awesome prizes and games are waiting for you! So what’re you waiting for?Grab your favorite bag of Lay’s Wavy, log onto the Lay’s Pakistan Facebook page to get yourself registered at getting a chance of winning these awesome prizes!

Enjoy the T20 World Cup 2012, with the hope of winning these amazing prizes and with your favorite bag of crunchy, crispy, rich Lay’s Wavy.