Ali Azmat Blessed With a Baby Girl ‘Ella’

September 14, 2012

The biggest rock star and a living legend of our country, Ali Azmat is finally a father now.  This must be great news for the fans and Ali himself who has seen a life long career with so many highs and lows which many of us can only dream of. It won’t be wrong to call him the Father of Rock in Pakistan as he has countless achievements to his credit.

Ali Azmat remained bachelor for a long time but finally married Fariha Khan last September in a low profile personal event. And today it’s perhaps the happiest day for them when they have been blessed with a baby girl named “Ella”.

Ali has been a vibrant personality all through his career and his work was often marred with controversies mostly highlighting the taboo topics which he and his band mates took up during their stint as ‘Junoon’. And even now he is seen appearing at political rallies and talk shows shedding light on various issues.

From a wild party lad to an aggressive socio-political analyst, Ali has seen it all and it would be rather interesting to see how he manages to take up the new role of fatherhood with which he was blessed today.

Last year, in the same month we broke the news of Ali Azmat and Fariha Khan, who is now Fariha Ali, tying the knot. And now it’s another milestone in Ali’s life when he has got such a huge blessing in form of a baby girl.

We would really like to congratulate Ali Azmat and Fariha on the birth of their new born baby daughter and hopefully all the fans of Ali out there would also be hoping to get a glimpse of the little Rock star any time soon.