Takatak – Depraved (Download Audio)

July 19, 2012

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Artist: Takatak

Song: Depraved

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Lahori metal band Takatak just came out with their latest song from new album being recorded and mixed at Digital Fidelity Studios by Mekaal Hasan and Adnan Gill, produced by Mekaal Hasan and Sameer Ahmed.

Takatak is:

Vocals: Shahzore Bhatty
Guitar: Ibrahim Imdad
Guitar: Zain Peerzada
Drums: The Ramay Brothers (Yusuf Ramay and Daud Ramay)
Bass: Isa Najam
Manager: Daud Khan


Strength of the empire broken down by the cryptic jealousy of the crazed The bloodline of the royal unloyal fools. The blazing gaze of the king

To the vengeance
Of the fallen race

The throne
The name
In flames

A questionable delusion of being god
Blinded by the power
So weak the masses never stood up

Fallen prey to white mans burden
Intoxicated by the wealth
Bludgeoned eyes forever shot down

They have seen the light
Time for dark to rise
Death of the father
Shines upon their thrones

A life full of pleasure and so full of misery
Murder, it ain’t a sin for those who have no shame

Bloodlines destroyed
Suppressed by the weaker

Born and raised by royalty
Promises of greatness lost
Promises of the greatness lost.

The life of the royal
live in their filth.

Sway away and pray to your
And hope the day you die to rest you lay
The resistance is dawning near
To kill the foe, shiko laughs away

They refuse to break
Neglecting destined faith
Defiers of hell within
Free the beast and then

Self proclaimed fools
Dwell in your lust
Slay all the blood clones
Take more for your soul

Abolished empire
Kingdom gone wrong
When will they comprehend power is flawed
Power is flawed

Forever in debt
For sins to atone
Whore of the brothel
Till death you’ll be stoned

The destined forgotten son rots in his grave
Free from your demons
And break from these chains