Sajid and Zeeshan – Sanity (Official Music Video)

July 22, 2012

Artist: Sajid and Zeeshan

Song: Sanity

Album: The Harvest

“Sanity” is a typography project initiated / directed by Shahab Qamar (Naseer and Shahab) for Sajid and Zeeshan and it is their 3rd official video from their 2nd album, The Harvest.


Since you have come to me,
I won’t decide,
You’re grabbing everything I hold,
leaving hope on the side.

Its funny how we took a turn,
I was left you were right
The only way your head would turn,
If I stepped out of sight

But I cant lose to win a game
Am I that wise?
And I can’t suffer you again,
I’m always wrong then we fight

I know you’re different, When you’re mine, ‘Cos you’re indifferent, Every time

The pebbles that I never threw, Across the oceans of my mind,
They spun me in a perfect haze,
Leaving doubt on the side,

But I won’t let you let me blame again,
I have reasons that you might,
Since we face each other’s dignity with shame,
Let me say this one more time

I know you’re different When you’re mine ‘Cos you’re indifferent Every time

Should I crawl away?
Would I fall again?
Should I crawl again?
Would I fall again?
Should I crawl again?
would I fall?

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