DissBelief – Pen-Chor (KM Single Review)

July 17, 2012

By Hasan Faridi

Before their official release of “Pen-Chor”, the upcoming rock/metal band DissBelief released a teaser that got a great response. When they released the official video, it got a Hell of a response.

The band consists of Sumair Saeed on vocals, Fahad Humayun Chohan and Hammad Khalid on guitars, Uloomi Karim Shaheen on bass and Najeeb Aftab on drums.

Fahad Humayun Chohan of Bracket Productions and Azfar J. Films (an upcoming Pakistani film brand) played a great deal in helping create the track and video. On first glance, they definitely did a great job, as the style of this video is quite unique, including special effects and overhead shots here and there.

A lot of artists and bands fail to make their videos as great as the song, or the opposite way round. This band makes both the video and the song entertaining.

The video starts off with a twerp laughing at the band. One of the band members gets up, the guy stops laughing in fear and then gets a good ol’ slap (with a sound like that it sounds like he might’ve broke his jaw). The grievance is seen wandering about with a bag over his head in the film and strapped on a chair too, as the band play away (and smash tub lights too). Nevertheless, the video captures the band perfectly, as well as the zombie-like audience who can be seen waving their arms around in the air. Like the wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube men.

Musically, “Pen-Chor” is an addictive heavy track. The opening guitar riffs are distorted and heavy, perfect for those who are eager for a whiplash. Vocalist Sumair Saeed brings his voice into the light, showing off a variety of vocal abilities, to the soft ‘Hmm’s and the growling ‘ARRRGHHH’s. The song changes pace at the bridge, and gets slower, but the melody is still powerful. As the music builds up, we also hear an aggressive rap, which adds to the musical diversity the band is capable of.

Then there’s nothing better than finishing the song with the same opening guitar riffs that make our heads nod.

The band has a set of Western influences, like American screamo band Bullet For My Valentine, Alter Bridge, Killswitch Engage and the renowned metal band Metallica. The musical styles like that of Killswitch Engage is one that definitely oozes out of this song “Pen-Chor”. But even though the band has its influences, the great thing about this band is that they don’t really try to be too much. They stick with their musical styles and combine their influences amongst eachother to make heavy numbers.

As they say on Facebook

“Putting 300 bpm triplets with screamo’s and shit doesn’t mean you’re badass. That’s just ridiculous. Maybe that’s what differentiates us from… the rest.”

The band may call itself DissBelief… but most of us have gained a strong belief about the great future of this band.