Bat For Lashes – Laura (KM Single Review)

By Ahmad Uzair

Bat For Lashes – the pseudonym for Natasha Khan, is back on the music stage after a long hiatus. Her last and probably one of the most notable songs was “Daniel” in 2009 and this time around she has hit the stage with a brand new track “Laura” from her upcoming album “The Haunted Man” slated to be released in this October. Some might found this newly released track “Laura” a continuation of the journey, from where “Daniel” left. But one thing is for sure that the long wait for her new track was really worth it as she has come out with some beautifully mastered track that is surely going to connect with anybody who is going to listen to it. It is such a heartfelt melody that no one can ignore it. And the mysterious and mournful piano will indisputably strike a chord with the listeners.

Natasha Khan is an Anglo-Pakistani who was brought up in England. Through out her music career, her choices and selection shows that how deeply she has been impressed by the likes of Nirvana, Steve Reich, Susan Hiller, and at times even referred as the modern era Kate Bush. She always seems to sing her heart out and this is pretty much the case with her latest single “Laura”. This single so aptly personifies the title of the album – The Haunted Man – that one cannot just get out of this song even hours after listening to it. The element of “haunt” is excellently depicted by Natasha Khan through her emotionally drenched expressions all along the video which go so well with the lyrics of the song.

The video of the song opens up with the singer moving around in the room and looking intimately into the camera. The title of the song “Laura” signifies an imaginative person who she is complaining to and this whole song seems to be a conversation with her, as to how important she is to somebody who longs for her.

One cannot ignore the evocative piano being played in the background which give the song a totally mellow yet a dark feeling. It’s the intense feel of the song that every one can relate to and perhaps the reason that this track is so appealing despite its simplicity.

There also appears an elderly person who happens to be that specific imaginative and lost life form, being the subject of all the conversation. Natasha with her powerful and deepest vocals cries her heart out and tells every one how she feels broken from inside. She takes herself to the stage perhaps depicting the worldly stage and scream out the words “Uh Laura you are more than a superstar”.

This world is becoming more and more materialistic and people with an artistic and sensitive mind really find it difficult to sustain and that is what Natasha tries to complain about. There are very few people who you can trust on and let your feeling share with them and Laura is one of them who is always going to be there to help you out no matter how dark the conditions might be which is rightly described when she says “You are the glitter in the Dark”. Natasha also shows out some of her dance moves which go quite smoothly with the visuals and rather give it a melancholic feel.

The mourning which comes out of this song is something every one faces in this world at some time of their lives. Some times it seems that this world has really become a place of Hollow people with no love for life and each another which is pretty evident when she says “And in this horror show, I have got to let you know”. It shows someone’s attachment with a true belonging with which we can share every thing and can rely in this heavily gloomy scenario.

Laura was the first release from “The Haunted Man” and it has really gathered some huge anticipations going out for the release of the full length album which was already eagerly waited for. Hope that Natasha Khan a.k.a Bat For Lashes comes up to these ever mounting expectations once the whole album is released. But for now, after seeing her newly released track with an even more superb video, she has really lived up to the expectations. Keep your fingers crossed for what more has to come from this talented girl.