Arooj Aftab & Banda Magda – Yerakina (KM Single Review)

By Ahmad Uzair

It might sound too clichéd but it’s a real fact that there is no dearth of talent in Pakistan and no matter how worse the conditions might be, the intellectual minds always make their way up to the top level. One of these examples is the very talented Arooj Aftab who is not only pursuing her musical dream but has also got a greater cause to project. She sings with a deep reminisce in her tone which makes it more interesting to listen to her songs.

The track which is in the spotlight right now is her recent collaboration with Banda Magda, which is a captivating Greek folk song. This song is interpreted by Magda Giannikou who also shares the lead vocals with Arooj aftab on this track.

This single is released under the project label of “Rebuild Pakistan”. This initiative was started by Arooj in collaboration with a welfare organization after she herself witnessed the massive destruction caused by the floods in Pakistan couple of years back. The project consists of various art forms, mainly dance and music, to help project the softer image of Pakistan. This is really the need of the hour. Because in the end, it’s the culture and artists who build up the gaps between the nations and are a perfect tool to project the brighter side of our country and remove misunderstandings globally.

Lately we have been passing through a very critical phase and we as a nation always find a place in international media but sadly for all the wrong reasons. But these types of public initiatives really help to take the cause of Pakistan forward and that too from the younger lot is really heartening to see.

This is a traditional Greek song which is known to be one of the most famous tunes from Greek folk. It talks about the lost one and how one’s longings are attached with emotions. Video opens up with the motto “re-build Pakistan” and shows all the band members jamming together in open spaces and at times in studio as well, and sharing light moments with each other. The visuals also feature Arooj aftab playing her part and occasionally coming at the vocals too. One might find the untidy look of Arooj a bit bizarre but may be she is trying to look more casual and careless. Obviously the language of the song is not much understandable as it is in Greek but it’s the feel of the song which is very riveting and sweet. Specially the various live musical instruments played in the track which are really a treat to listen as they add up an extra dimension to it. We just can’t talk more about the song by ignoring some superb percussion by Marcelo Woloski and the most amazing Vibraphone played by Mika Mimura. Vibraphone surely sounds very unusual and yet gives a very twinkling feel to the song which mixes up amazingly.

Although a low-profile collaboration, it seems to be a promising one specially keeping in view the whole cause behind the project. This really will go a long way to have positive impact on our image as a nation and globally too. And will let people hailing from different backgrounds come together and present their art, which is surely the best instrument to evolve peace and harmony in this troublesome world.