Jal: Farhan and Beyond

May 9, 2012

By Hani Arif

We were all sad when we heard that Farhan had quit Jal and decided to go solo. The shock factor remained intact as to why it had happened despite achieving the highest musical representation in Pakistan i.e. getting featured on Coke Studio. Do you ask the reason why we were all sad?

Firstly: Essence of Bands: Farhan was made by Jal and he had betrayed such a cordial relationship that he shared with his band mates, it was as if this can happen with Jal, it can happen with anyone else.

Secondly: Farhan’s Future: We thought that Farhan was going down to the dumps since he himself had shown only little potential as a composer and lyricist in Boondh.

Thirdly: With Jal’s third studio album in the pipeline, and him having no intentions to fill in the position left by Farhan it’s time to tell Mr. Goher Mumtaz will take his band down in the dumps if he decides to go ahead and launch an album with all songs sung by him.

We’ve seen out how Farhan just keeps delivering hit after hit, his musical future seems to be well taken care of with help primarily from Saad Sultan. Now, let’s move our attention to the person leading the band Jal; Goher.

Although, Goher has the ability to write songs that meet his own capability as a vocalist, getting his songs to the next level does involve him using a vocalist. In other words, Jal needs to implement the STRINGS Method.

Strings Method Theory: Jal needs a little realization by way of looking at the STRINGS method. Bilal, as we know, is to Strings what Goher is to Jal. They only difference is Bilal realizes that for effective realization there are tracks that require inputs from others as he himself won’t be able to fully commit to them. The highlighted example that can be placed here is also how Bilal realizes that his guitar playing lacks the finesse required for studio recording. Off late one can see that in live concerts Jal has started to use another guitarist, can that be the beginning to a realization for Goher? Goher has revealed in interviews that Jals’ interview shy Shazi is helping out with composing and vocal inputs, their dynamics can never be the same as with Goher, Farhan and Shazi together. Plus, Jal taking on the Strings Method is only being fair since Farhan has taken on the Atif Method. (Let’s stay out of explaining this method for the sake of remaining relevant to the post)

Jal always had the potential to coup strings off their pop rock seat if they’d stuck together. With Strings changing focus towards social change instead of commercial success, the path is for Goher to embark on with Jal to take their place provided Goher can act on these suggestions: before the guy behind the rise of Jal becomes the guy behind it’s fall.

P.s: this article has not been to prove Bilal’s or Goher’s talents over each other, although, there is nothing preventing it from happening.

Hani Arif writes full time on HaniArif.com