Ufone Uth Records 2.0 – Rahim Saranjam (Video)

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Artist: Rahim Saranjam Khan

Song: Afsoos

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Show: Ufone Uth Records 2.0Episode 7

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Artist Bio:

Hailing from the highlands of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Rahim Saranjam Khan is a self-taught musician. Lacking support for wanting to make a career out of music, Rahim faced several obstacles in his pursuit of becoming a musician. Nonetheless, committed to his dream and learning only through books, instructional videos and personal experimentation, Rahim taught himself how to play the guitar, piano, harmonium and melodeon and later received vocal training from Ustad Mehfooz Khokar. He has now established himself as the founding member of the band JUM and as a vocalist for the band Above; Rahim is Ufone Uth Records 2.0 final artist.

Rahim takes his inspiration from a wide musical repertoire ranging from the now iconic bands of the Seventies to traditional classical musicians like Javed Bashir and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.. Rahim’s personal musical preference is mostly dominated by Rock and Blues. Performing his original composition ‘Afsoos’, which is an adaptation of the work of Ahmed Faraz, Rahim will be accompanied by the talented Rakae Jamil on Sitar and Bradley D’Souza on Bass guitar.

Commenting on becoming a musician and his experience at the Ufone Uth Records 2.0 platform Rahim said: “It was quite difficult for me personally to choose a musical career as it is not easily accepted amongst my family. But with my determination to follow my dreams, I am committed to making unforgettable original music for everyone to enjoy. I am confident that with the help of Ufone Uth Records 2.0 team and guest musicians like Rakae and Bradley our country’s true colours and potential will be brought to light.”

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