The Sketches Ft. Jono Manson – Khahori (KM Single Review)

April 2, 2012

By Hasan

Pakistani band, The Sketches, have made quite a name for themselves these past years. It’s members, Saif Samejo and Naeem Shah, came together in 2003, formed the group and gained a growing fanbase ever since. They have even released an album called “Dastkari”, which has gained an excellent response amongst the public so far.

The Sketches haven’t been seen doing too many collaborations in their music, but in the new track named “Khahori”, they’ve teamed up with Jono Manson.

Manson is a renowned singer/songwriter and performer, with a long track record that includes major-label releases as both recording artist and producer. Manson has been a highly successful individual, and has worked alongside many other artists and producers in his time.

With different influences and musical perspectives, The Sketches and Manson, bring something rather new to the table.

The song “Khahori” begins very Middle-Eastern, with the soulful notes of the flute playing as the acoustic guitar is sharply picked in the background. Saif begins reciting in Sindhi from the poem by Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai.

“Khahori” then takes a shift in tone. From an Eastern sound, the tone suddenly changes into a Texan-style one, like in “Haq Mojood”, one of The Sketches very own tracks off their album. Manson begins singing as Naeem still plays in the background.

As the song gradually progresses, both musical styles (Eastern and Western) cascade alongside eachother and somehow, blend together quite well, especially in the bridge whilst Saif finishes off reciting his Sindhi poem. The music also features a variety of instruments, such as the dholak, tabla and sarangi.

The collaboration between The Sketches and Manson seems to signify a broader perspective, not just in terms of music. The collaboration displays unity. Despite ethnical and racial differences, both artist and group, come together to paint a positive picture, showing us that music can really connect people together even if they come from opposite ends of the world.

In retrospect, The Sketches never lack originality, and neither do they sell their fans out to some other style of music, similar to Manson who has shown passion throughout his musical career. Like the songs in their album, The Sketches continue to do what they do best and retain their own style, which everyone seems to adore.