Farhan Saeed – Pi Jaon (KM Single Review)

By Ahmad Uzair

The solo journey continues for Farhan Saeed as he comes out with yet another hit single named “Pee Jaun”. This is his second video as a solo artist and a much anticipated one as well. This song has already been a huge hit with its concert video released earlier on. As the name says, this track is all about forgetting the past and moving on. It is written and composed by Saad Sultan and Momina Mustehsan (female part). Saad Sultan seems to be the vital support for Farhan in his solo career penning down and composing some soulful melodies for him. He is also seen playing a grand piano in the beginning of video which adds a new dimension to the song and later plays guitars through out the video with Farhan singing along.

The highlight of this video is that it’s been made in India under the banner of Genesis Films and directed by Prahlad Kakkar who is a very renowned name in Indian advertising industry. Although this video of “Pee Jaun” turns out to be the first directorial venture into video making for Parhlad Kakar, yet he proves himself to be really impressive specially when comparing him with the other Indian video makers who totally lack in any idea or concept while making the video.

The video starts with Farhan singing the intro lines and then diving into the water in search of the lost one. He is seen singing under water and on stage with some beautiful smoky shots while having the vivid memories of past. Farhan also showcases his improved vocal range and alaaps which really blend well with the song as it progresses on.

And here comes the surprise element of the video. With the diving of female model (Isha Sharvani), comes the voice of Momina Mustehsan. This new-comer sings her heart out with some beautiful melody and lyrics written by herself. Momina has done some covers earlier on and in this song she turns out to be a real treat to listen. Her raw and unique vocals really add up to the flavor of the song and surely enhance its appeal. She definitely is a next big thing if she really pursues her career in this field.

Meanwhile the model, Isha Sharvani, who originally happens to be a dancer turned actress, exhibits some wonderful underwater skills. And finally meets Farhan undersea with the lyrics going on “paas aaaa mere sanam // bhool ja saare ghum”.

All in all, Farhan Saeed once again proves his mettle by doing some really nice job with vocals and taking on board some brilliantly talented people like Saad Sultan and Momina Mustehsan to belt out an other huge hit single. He really testifies his departure from JAL which some people were very doubtful of.