The Sketches – Nind Nashe Vich (Single Review)

February 24, 2012

By Mutee

Our country’s star-chasing music scene often fails to recognize greatness unless it is too late or there is some reassurance from elsewhere in the world. The Sketches’ debut album (2010’s “Dastkari”) came and went with no industry excitement. Pressed by Fire Records along with a heap of releases (some recognizable, some mediocre), “Dastkari” faded without making a significant mark. The band’s ambitious and mature approach however did prove to be fruitful in form of a much sought after slot in last year’s Coke Studio, solidifying their status as legitimate and talented musical force.

The band’s brilliant Sufi-Fusion/Alternative sound shines even brighter with their latest offering “Nind Nashe Vich”. The song, released as a single is in Sindhi and is based on a kalaam by Meeral Fakir. Stylistically it’s a departure from the electric sound of “Dastkari”, The Sketches take a step back and focus mainly on delivering emotion and melody in a more organic way. With only bass, acoustic guitars and some light percussion, the instrumental is performed in a minimalist acoustic-jam style leaving the lead vocals in the spotlight. Saif Samejo sings the lyrics with impressive conviction and his usual strong voice is devoid of any unnecessary glitz. This honest and natural vocal tone was a bit out of place in their debut album but finds home in this song.

The band stays true to the Sufi soul by shying away from musical acrobats, that is not to say that any artistic restraints were employed. The impressive fusion of Sufi and West is seen in the contrasting verse and chorus parts, the song incorporates rhythm and melodies from Eastern domain while seamlessly utilizing Western hooks. Add that to the flawless performance, the sophisticated song structure with playful start-stop bits and evolving melodies, and of course the mesmerizing Sufi kalaam and you have a unique experience that has the potential to overcome your senses leaving you in grip of a spiritual daze.

With Pakistan’s amazing Sufi music history and a colorful collage of cultures, The Sketches deserve a pat on the back for attempting to revive the weakening tradition of Fusion, importing tints and echoes of the lush country side in a contemporary style and staying true to their musical soul. A truly inspiring effort by the Rockstars from Jamshoro.