Bandhan, Fawad Khan’s Next Tv Series with Sarmad Khoosat

February 3, 2012

Humsafar,’ currently the most-watched Pakistani drama has been a super-hit with Fawad Khan as the lead male actor and Mahira Khan as the female lead, directed by an eminent director and scriptwriter, Sarmad Khoosat.

Well, the Pakistani female heart-throb, Fawad Khan, after his super-hit ‘Humsafar’ is working on a new TV serial, ‘Bandhan’ with Sarmad as the director again. The cast includes Neelam Munir, Mehreen Raheel, film actress Resham and not to forget, Fawad Khan.

Neelam Munir is another female Pakistani actress who is receiving recognition and appreciation by the audience and is getting popular.

With Fawad and Khoosat working again on another drama, it could be a hit like ‘Humsafar’. Sarmad, is a prominent director as well as a scriptwriter who has not only directed dramas like ‘Humsafar’ but has also worked on profound and non-conforming plays such as ‘Do Naina Mat Khaiyoo’ and ‘Tehreem’ which have been featured in Hum Telefilm festivals. Fawad on the other hand, besides being a singer, started acting quite young with a comedy play and received fame quite soon.  He has gained even more fans, specially females, after the current most popular and super-hit play Humsafar – he has the charms and the good looks.

Bandhan, being directed by Khoosat and having Fawad as the lead male actor could be another super-hit because of their working history together. Could ‘Bandhan’ be another ‘Humsafar’?

I’ll leave that for you guys to decide. Drop in your opinions in comments.