Fables of Cantt – Wait (Download Audio)

Fables of Cantt – Wait (Download Audio)

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Artist: Fables of Cantt

Song: Wait

Album: Let’s Pretend

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Check out the first single from Fables Of Cantt’s debut album ‘Let’s Pretend’.

Genre: Indie / Rock


Nabil Qizilbash
Afaq Ahmed
Zara Mahmood


Fables of Cantt is the work of Pakistani singer/ songwriter Nabil Qizilbash. Born in the UAE, Nabil later moved to Pakistan where he developed a passion for music.

Fables of Cantt’s debut album ‘Let’s Pretend’ was released on the 20th of November 2011.

‘Let’s Pretend’ was written and recorded in Dubai, Pakistan, and California and features talented musicians from across different genres including classical music and punk.


just to save
if there’s anything inside of you
You steal
and nothing feels
like there’s anything inside of you

but it’s a one way road
you can never look back
the colours you see will forever
remain black

the blood line streams
to the riverlight
and all ideals
don’t seem so real

then you say wait just a little bit
I’m a little bit older, older,
older, older
you fade just a little bit
you feel this world getting
colder, colder
colder, colder

you fade just a little bit
they don’t mind

repeat verse + chorus

Breathe into this life I feel
Over this life I feel
Breathe till the end of time
Over this life I find


Drums: Murtaza Sajjad
Bass: Michael Stearns

Engineered and mixed by Mekaal Hasan at Digital Fidelity Studios
Mastered by Robert Vosgien at Capitol Studios
Produced by Nabil Qizilbash and Mekaal Hasan

Art Direction & Design: Faten Mahmood
Artwork: Zara Mahmood and Saba Qizilbash

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