Laal – Inqalab (Official Music Video)

December 7, 2011

Thirteen years after our Supreme Court declared bonded labour to be unconstitutional, and a decade after the National Assembly passed the Bonded Labour Liberation Act, there are still 1 million bonded workers in the brick kilns of Pakistan. Overall, there may be 20 million bonded labourers in Pakistan as a whole according to estimates of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan. In South Asia as a whole, even by the most conservative estimates, there are more than 60 million bonded labourers. All attempts at reforms have failed. The only path to their emancipation is a peoples’ revolution.

This song is dedicated to the over 60 million bonded labourers in South Asia.

Direction: Ammar Aziz & Taimur Rahman
Featuring: Ammar Aziz
Lyrics: Mussarat Aziz
Special Thanks: Naeem Mehdi, Asad Haroon & Irfan Ali.
Camerawork: Sherry

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