Veena Malik Starring in a 3D Horror Film

November 19, 2011

We try to keep this space as little as we can for Veena Malik (because of her awesomeness), but I couldn’t resist typing this one out. While most Pakistani celebrities can’t get to act in films at all, Veena Malik is being starred in a 3D film, which has gotten me to wonder that being Veena actually pays off.

The shoot is being done right now in a south-Indian jungle, name of which has been kept secret because of the security concerns. Talking to Bollywood Hungama about the film, Veena revealed

It’s really hard to shoot. For one, we are shooting in the wilderness. There are no luxury hotels, no daily comforts. Then it’s a 3D film, not like the other 3D films in Hindi where the 2D format is converted into 3D. We are shooting in 3D which means every shot takes hours sometimes. It’s really time-consuming because I am playing both the ‘thriller’ and ‘horror’ element of the film.

It is interesting to know that Veena is being starred in one of the first actual 3D films to come out from India, Ra-one not being one because it was converted from 2D.

To our surprise, Veena will also be doing her own stunts.

Lots of wirework and flips and somersaults and bruises and cuts. I am roughing it out here in the jungles and enjoying every bit of it” told Veena.

This ought to be fun. Fingers crossed.