Jimmy Khan, Quadrum & QB at Club X Launch (Concert Pictures)

Glitterati of Lahore gathered at first floor of Vogue Towers on Friday to witness a fun filled evening with some exciting interactive activities. The organisers, jbNjaws, ensured that the guests get the luxury of valet parking on the busy venue, who were then greeted by ushers dressed in yellow and black. Media and Press invited by Encyclomedia PR was seen interviewing the guests at a brilliant yellow carpet. It was in coordination with yellow contruction caps, torches and flourescent signs displayed everywhere.

This was not just a brand launch. It was a musical fiesta with laughters and sports spirit all combined at this construction site themed event held at the Club X flagship outlet which captivated the guests throughout. Those who were present said that they had never seen Sumo wrestling at any brand launch before.

What we loved was Danish Ali act, a stand up comedian who we saw earlier on youtube interviewing celebrities on a red carpet about North Korean Nuclear crisis (You can’t miss Ms. Meera Ji’s response here). Jimmy Khan with Yasir Qureshi and Quadrum entertained the crowd with some amazing music till Quratulain Balouch (QB) took over the stage and rocked the night. It was one of the most unique launches on MM Alam ever. Socialites and the corporate sector poured in till there was no sitting or standing capacity. Those who were present appreciated the new brand launch and considered it a break through in events business. Socialites were delighted that finally a brand launch event has followed something beyond the standard 5-models-walking-around-in-the-label approach. The event was a true reflection of the brand and it’s motto ‘Brace for Impact’.

Below are the exclusive concert pictures, taken by Bilal Rashid: