Zeb & Haniya’s EP Comes Out This December!

October 24, 2011

Though release dates are always extremely unpredictable, Haniya has finally set December as the deadline for the release of the EP which was earlier expected to come out in the fall. If you’re unsure of what EP we are talking about here, Zeb & Haniya are brewing a five to seven track EP with the True Brew Records of Jamal Rahman.

Zeb and Haniya defined their upcoming project as “expressions from within“. If you’re curious about what does that mean, the first album of the duo consisted of mostly covers based on the old folk songs, but with the upcoming EP, you should be expecting more original music that defines how the duo really feels. The EP is taking longer than expected because the duo is putting in all the efforts to add experimental flavors to it. The EP will also feature several collaborations some of which are with the known artists while others will be featuring up and coming artists.

In an interview with Rolling Stone India, Haniya said

Our first album had a lot of folk covers. Now we are writing new songs and experimenting with new sounds. It will be a collaborative album, featuring a lot of guest artists,

While Zeb talked about the production

The stress is on production and diverse music arrangements this time around,

Most of the EP details including the collaborations haven’t been made public by the duo yet, but we do look forward to the much awaited “The Happy Song“.