Junoon-20 Will Also Feature Vital Signs, Rohail Hyatt, Nusrat Hussain & More

October 3, 2011

As you probably already know Salman Ahmad & Brian O’ Connell united for the 20th anniversary of Junoon to release two new special edition albums. This ought to be a treat for Junoon fans as you’re going to get your hands on 40 Junoon songs divided into two volumes.

Salman has already released five of the tracks from volume 1 on YouTube, featuring some of the young talented artists, including Mitti by Aag, Dil Main Meray by Bilal Khan, Neend Aati Nahin by Laal, No More by Outlandish and Saeen by Usman Riaz. Another song by the name “Chand Sitara“, sung by Salman himself, has also been released. There are four more tracks that he released to only a handful of listeners including “Dil Se Jo Baat” by Junoon, a previously released track “Open Your Eyes” for the flood victims in collaboration with Peter Gabrial & Alison Sudol, “Tum Sung” by Samina Ahmad & “Heer” by Shahjehan Khan.

Interestingly, volume 1 still has ten more tracks to offer, which according to Salman will take you to the state of ‘Fana’. The unreleased tracks will be by the artists like Vital Signs, Rohail Hyatt, Nusrat Hussain, Peter Gabriel, Alison Sudol, Shubha Mudgal, Noori, David Cole, Bonzai & Fifi Haroon.

We have already reported about the “Ghoom Tana” mash-up between Shubha Mudgal & Noori. Looking at the rest of the artists, as you can see, there will be separate tracks by Rohail Hyatt, Nusrat Hussain and one from Vital Signs too. It is unclear if Junaid Jamshed will be doing the vocals for Vital Signs, but we speculate that to be true as Salman hinted a collaboration with Junaid Jamshed a few weeks ago over a tweet. I’m also intensely curious if Rohail Hyatt will be part of the reunited Vital Signs as he said in an interview that VS is over and he’d be rather real about the matter.

Salman hasn’t shared any information on rest of the artists, but, well, it’s not long before you find out yourself as the album will be available on iTunes in 24 hours time.

The volume 2 is expected to consist 20 best remastered Junoon songs.