Farhan Saeed Butt Signs a Record Deal with Fire?

October 22, 2011

It hasn’t been long since Jal broke up, again and Farhan has sort of already composed his entire solo album. Of course, the recording, videos and distribution will take a while and we’re not going to hear much of it soon but the album is somewhat ready as Farhan puts it.

Fortunately, both Goher and Farhan broke up quite maturely and there wasn’t a conflit of any sort. The band members didn’t point fingers on each other and they didn’t fight over the unreleased music, at least not publically.

By the time Jal made the break up official in the first week of September, Farhan had already released first of his solo tracks “Halka Halka Suroor” with Saad Sultan. It took him only another month to release the second solo track along-with a video and now it appears that he has also already signed up a record deal, that too with the Fire Records.

Only recently, Fire Records has launched their official YouTube channel which features some of the music videos from the unreleased albums of the artists who have signed up with Fire Records.

Farhan Saeed’s debut video as a solo artist “Khwahishon” has also been uploaded by the Fire on the 19th of October. This hints a potential record deal. There’s no way why Fire would upload Farhan’s content without a record deal in place.

While Fire is a bit notorious among artists and listeners, it is probably the only mainstream label which can help the musicians release their content to the masses. If Farhan did cut a deal, which is how it appears to be, Fire Records ought to have offered him something out of the box. I’m assuming the contract to be a royalty-based or at least a model in which Farhan Saeed gets to keep the copyrights of his own music.

It suprises me that Farhan has already begun cutting deals while Jal still¬† hasn’t even announced their new frontman. For now, Goher has been singing in all the Jal concerts but it is obvious that Goher can’t be a full time vocalist for the band. Some rumors suggest that Qurat-ul-Ain Balouch also known as QB will be singing some of the songs with Jal but nothing has been finalised, at least not made public.

It is also interesting to see Fire Records cut more deals since they have been in a bit of a hibernate mode for a while. There have not been much releases, not mainstream at least.