Farhan Saeed Goes Solo, How Does that Impact Jal?

August 23, 2011

So it has been a while since the rumor made the waves online that Jal the band has split up. The news was largely ignored by the masses since the source DoseOfMe isn’t exactly something which you would look forward to for your daily dose of news.

The news [read: rumor] made waves on 26th of July. I also got the chance to speak to Khurram Mumtaz, Goher‘s brother, on the same date who didn’t accept that there has been any sort of break up but he didn’t deny either. He added that Farhan is out of country and there will not be any official statement before he comes back. Later on 29th of July, Jal performed in a concert together at Roots, Islamabad which was a proof enough that the band is still intact.

Today, Farhan Saeed has released his first solo single which is a cover of Nusrat Fateh Ali‘s “Halka Halka Suroor”. With that Farhan also launched his official website and YouTube channel. Oddly, the song hasn’t been recorded at GMStudioz, instead it is produced by Saad Sultan at Sidereal Studios which is also managed by Farhan Saeed.

While there never has been a split of any sort, it appears that Goher and Farhan are perhaps not quite on the same page about the Farhan’s decision of a solo career alongside. Though we all know, Goher has also been working on the solo projects such as Kountry Luv and it is only fair for Farhan to do so too. Something is cooking, that much I can tell you.